NewsPostcard drawings of our world if we take no action and if we do on climate change

Congratulations to Carmen and Elena Myers who were selected as finalists in the National UCC Climate Hope Contest!
We are so proud of these young artists.

Carmen - Elena

Children and youth from CUCC participated in an art competition sponsored by the United Church of Christ.  Young artists were invited to create postcard art to communicate what gives them “climate hope.”  The UCC was surprised by the 880 artworks from 339 churches that were submitted.

We are grateful to each young artist who submitted a work from their talents and their heart.  We celebrate two of our artists who were selected as finalists in their age group.  Congratulations, Carmen Myers and Elena Myers!

Be inspired by the artworks of the finalists below.  Carmen’s and Elena’s works are at minute 7:25.

The grand winner of the competition will have her artwork converted to postcards to be used all over the United States in a campaign to encourage political leaders to take action now on climate.  Look for an opportunity to fill out a postcard later in 2022.

Thank you to Anne Bailey Zschau and all of the children and youth of CUCC who contributed their art to this project.  You give us climate hope!

If you would like to be part of CUCC’s work on Justice in a Changing Climate, contact Gary Smith at