NewsCUCC Chili Cook Off January 21 after worship

Bring your taste buds to assess 5 chilis of your choice from the 15 being prepared by CUCC’s chefs this Sunday, January 21, after worship.  We will have child-friendly, vegan/vegetarian/omnivore, mild/medium/hot amongst our submissions. Yes, there will be prizes!

How will the Cook Off work?

After worship, bring your ballot (an insert in the order of worship) to either the fellowship hall or Bridge Room to select your seat.  There you will find 5 compostable tasting cups at your place.  Bring two and your ballot to the “Chili Room” (the Hoffman Room) and use pencils there to note your selections on your ballot.  Each chili is marked by a number.  Then go back to your seat to taste their deliciousness.  Return to the Chili Room to collect your remaining tastes, bringing clean tasting cups each time (please don’t reuse so we all stay healthy).  When you have tasted all five, circle your #1 choice and put it in the ballot basket in your eating room.  At 12:10 we will collect the ballots and our Trusted Ballot Counter will quickly tabulate the winner and runner up.  The not-to-be-missed award ceremony will follow immediately.  After the 12:10 ballot collection, you may return to the Chili Room where you will find more clean tasting cups so you can taste some of the chilis you missed.

My children aren’t traditional chili eaters

We have two chilis for that!  Two of our chilis are parent-approved to be child-friendly:  “butter noodles” and “deconstructed chili” (all the ingredients are eaten separately as finger food).  You will find these two on their own table in the hall outside the Chili Room.  Until 12:10, these two chilis are exclusively for tasting by our “12 and youngers.”  If your child likes chili, they are welcome to taste any of the more traditional chilis, too.

Carrying the tasting cups will be difficult for me

You might want to start by going directly to the Chili Room (Hoffman Room) to jot down on your ballot the numbers of the 5 chilis you want to taste.  Then find your seat and look for the people wearing “Chili Helper” name tags.  Give them your cups and your marked ballot.  They will bring the 5 chilis to you.

Optional donation to Loaves & Fishes Ministry remembering LAF volunteers Shannon & Glenn CoreFree?  Fundraiser?

The Chili Cook Off is free.  Really.

Chili reminds us of beloved CUCC members Shannon and Glenn Core who invited us to order chili from Loaves & Fishes Ministry every winter.  Shannon and Glenn were long-time volunteers working with this children’s educational ministry, and also helped to make the chili for their fundraiser.  If you would like to make a donation to Loaves & Fishes honoring the Cores, here’s how to donate.

– Look for the baskets in the fellowship hall, the Bridge Room, and the Chili Room and drop in a few dollars or a check to CUCC with “chili” on the memo line.

-Text the amount and keyword “chili” to 919-888-4541.

What do I do with my tasting cups?

A drop off station will be set up on the kitchen peninsula.  Drop off your used tasting cups, stacking them to save space.  We will compost them.  You will also find places to put your water glass, spoon, and cloth napkin to help our wonderful clean up crew.  Thank you.

This is a lot to remember…

Be not afraid!  The instructions are written on the opposite side of the ballot insert that will be in your order of worship.

If you have questions about the CUCC Chili Cook Off, contact Jane Smith at  This event is a project of Welcoming & Fellowship Ministry with the blessing of the Community Outreach Ministry which helps us connect to Loaves & Fishes Ministry.