CUCC composting is adding real value to the climate. We have been composting with Compost Now since 2018, and our pounds of methane removed from the atmosphere has slowly, steadily grown. See the attached picture below to see how much (measured as CO2 equivalents).

The exciting part of this for me is our average CO2 removal is the same for composting and for our solar panels, 6.3 tons per year each!

If you don’t already, bring your compostable materials to our bin at church (outside of the kitchen door) to increase our composting numbers even more!

pounds of co2

We compost with CompostNow. Their annual report can be found here if you would like to learn how much all of us together are doing!

To quote them: “To starving landfills together,”

Gary Smith for the JCC.
For more information on the Justice in a Changing Climate group, contact Gary Smith.