The past year has taught us that having an online presence serves CUCC members, current and potential. CUCC has embraced this new online ministry, forming relationships with people in the community and strengthening our ministry to CUCC members who are not able to come to our building. 

As we begin to return to campus, we wish to continue and expand this important ministry by building upon the investments we have already made in such things as the website and new staff. To this end, Council met on Monday, June 28, and unanimously approved $15,500 to spend on these new technological investments, which will include hard-wired, high speed AT&T Fiber in our main building. Council also approved $1,500 required for annual licensing + subscription costs which will be built into the operating budget. We are not just purchasing equipment we are in fact, building a new ministry and we are very excited to see where this all leads. We are excited about all the possibilities and opportunities live streaming will bring to our community. The ability to live stream, record, and archive our services on our website is a great investment in our future. 

Avcon is the company we will be contracting with over the next couple of months. We are starting with the most basic package giving us plenty of room to experiment and grow. The first step will be to secure the stable Internet connection and then install the PTZ camera, additional microphones, and other equipment such as the switcher. Jeff Cole will be working closely with Avcon to ensure the success of the project. When we return to the sanctuary there will be a small table in the back left corner with a laptop and monitor where Jeff, or another volunteer, will sit during services and control the camera angles and adjust the audio. Our main goal is to provide a quality experience for all – whether worshipping online or in person. 

As always, should you have any questions, please contact me ( or Pastor Lacey (

Grace & Peace,

Mike Cline