Our composting efforts will be featured and discussed during the next session of the nationwide Creation Care series “Growing Together,” Thursday, April 8 at 7 PM.

The series has been going since January, and Community UCC members have been participating.

If you want to join in, contact Gary Smith at smithgk@mindspring.com. Or watch recordings of the sessions here.

Update on our carbon savings through composting

Methane is a strong greenhouse gas, at least 25X stronger than CO2, and it is formed in landfill decomposition of food waste. Community UCC has been composting and preventing methane formation in landfills since July 2018. Currently, we are removing as many greenhouse gas “equivalents” from the air with our composting as we are with our solar panels!!!!! Also, since the church building is closed, this is all coming from your homes!! Awesome!!! Well done, ya’ll!!

Let’s go well beyond that!! Please bring your compost to church and put it in the bin in the courtyard outside the kitchen.

The bin accepts veggies, meat, bones, coffee and filters, paper napkins, and even pizza boxes.