NewsEV charging station

CUCC has received an $8000 grant to help us install a 2 port, level 2 (240 volt, 40 amp) EV charging station which can charge two cars at the same time. The grant is from the NCDEQ Division of Air Quality using funds from the VW settlement with EPA for VW’s violations of the Clean Air standards for their diesel automobiles. The remainder of the cost of the charging station, about $7000, is being funded with designated contributions from a number of members of CUCC. The charging station will be installed in the Dixie Trail parking lot in front of the parking space next to the accessible parking space near the Bradow Room. 25’ charging cables will allow it to serve two dedicated EV spaces as well as the accessible parking space. It will be available for use by the public at least 12 hours a day and by CUCC members 24 hours a day. Details on use and any fees for use are being discussed. For more information, contact Jim Smith, Gary Smith or Allan Beidler.