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Hello Community UCC,

This report is the result of months of listening deeply to your visions for our church, compiling them diligently, and gleaning wisdom from them prayerfully. It is a precious record of your dreams for your church today. The Dream Team prays that this report feels like GOOD NEWS and kindles your courage to move joyfully into the future that God has in store for us at Community UCC! We acknowledge that finishing this report doesn’t mark the end of our shared aspirations. This is not a ‘ta-da’, we are done moment! Instead, the completion of this report marks a new chapter in the life of CUCC. This carefully constructed report aims to transparently convey our values, pinpoint priorities, establish objectives, and provide recommendations for the church leadership to implement in the upcoming months and years.

Dream Team:  Paul Atkinson, Diana Koenning, Richard Nicholl, Fawn Pattison, Sam Woodrum with Pastor Lacey Brown and Pastor Śānti Matthews

Visioning Process Consultant:  Heather Yandow