Jim Smith led Tim Jensen, Mike Cline, Jane and Gary Smith today to put plywood underpinning on part of a mobile home!! (You can see a bit of our plywood work under the stairs.)  It was a gorgeous day!

CUCC’s Preweatherization Team prepares low-income homes for federally-funded energy efficiency improvements.  When we do minor repairs, or clear out attics or crawlspaces, Resources for Seniors is able to provide FREE improvements like insulation and energy efficient heating and air conditioning.  Our workdays generally last 1-3 hours, some on Saturdays and some on weekdays.  If you would like to be on the contact list for 2022 workdays, contact Gary Smith, chair of Justice in a Changing Climate, at

Preweatherization is part of CUCC’s justice commitment to be partners with those who have the fewest resources to adapt to the changing climate.