Newsfarmers with a large basket of fresh vegetables which make a typical share in the CSA

It’s time to sign up for the new Farm to Church CSA which connects black farmers to congregations.

Farmers of color in the United States endure systemic racism causing social, economic, and political harm. We are attempting to address this by forming a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) here in Wake County between farmers of color and Wake County churches.

Our goals are to

  1. Create relationships between farmers of color and local church congregations,
  2. Create economically-equitable, mutually-beneficial and sustainable food-based partnerships.

We believe that this will

  1. Create income for the farmers,
  2. Increase understanding between farmers of color and faith communities,
  3. Provide congregations with increased access to fresh, healthy foods.

About 10 congregations are interested in this first opportunity.

The CSA is starting this spring with an 8 week (April and May) offering from Elke and Steve McCalla at Rocky Ridge Farm. We are coming to know Steve and Elke as great people, and we hope to visit their farm as COVID-19 allows.

The details so you can decide whether to sign up

  • The first season runs 8 weeks (April and May).
  • Purchase a full or half share, offered at $250 and $125, respectively. Each full share will give four people veggies for approximately 6 meals.
  • Final date to sign up: January 11.
  • Final date to pay: February 1.

Meeting to decide how many shares to reserve for CUCC

CUCC members and friends will meet by Zoom on January 5 at 7 PM to decide on how many shares we want to reserve. There are a limited number of shares which will be allocated in the order of the sign ups. If we have more requests than the McCalla’s can meet, we will investigate working with additional farmers in the black farmers network.

If you are interested, contact Gary Smith for Zoom details.