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This month’s proposed Life & Faith topic requires a bit of explanation, so hang in there.

Over the weekend I caught an interview with Fr. Greg Boyle on Kelly Corrigan’s Tell Me More.  If you want to feel your heart expand to the size of creation, I recommend it for your viewing  (view here).  Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries which accompanies people seeking a way out of gang life as they commit to living in dramatically changed ways.  As Corrigan says, creating lasting change in our lives is hard.  What Boyle and the homeboys are doing is creating a community of kindness where that change can happen.  Nothing cuddly and insipid here.

Boyle quotes George Saunders as saying “Kindness is the only non-delusional response to everything.” What Boyle imagines us doing for each other is dosing each other with kindness.  People living with trauma, or any of us, for that matter, are going to find our way to our truest, beloved selves if we get enough doses of kindness and cherishing and tenderness.  If we want to create a community where fundamental changes can be made and maintained, kindness – one dose after another – is the way to go.

We could talk for hours about so much in this interview, but here’s my proposed place for starting.  Let’s talk about kindness. Examples, please.  How has kindness helped us change? What would it look like to offer kindness doses to people in our lives who make us crazy or who harm us (yes, imagine a real person)?  What are we afraid will happen if we are kind to hurtful people?  What would kindness look like at work or our volunteer groups or in our political advocacy?  What would we have to let go of in order to be kind, one dose at a time?

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