NewsDraw Near this morning after Jesus' birth

Our theme for Advent is Draw Near. We are invited to draw near to God, to the story of Christmas, to our families, and to the church. We are also aware that God is drawing near to us through Jesus Christ.

Advent includes the four Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday has a theme: hope, peace, joy and love. We light candles to remind us that through Jesus Christ, the light of the world, our expectations are realized. Jesus is the embodiment of hope, peace, joy and love.

Advent is typically seen as a time of preparation and waiting. As Christians we are living in an in-between state. We have already received God’s great revelation in Jesus Christ; however, we are waiting on God to bring hope, peace, joy and love to fulfillment. We hope you will join us for Advent worship as we explore the scriptures, sing familiar hymns, and pray. Draw near!

2021 CUCC Advent Calendar

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What to expect on the four Sunday’s leading up to Christmas

Weeks of Advent

November 28
First Sunday of Advent – we light the candle of hope

Luke 21:25-36

Hope is a feeling of trust but also an expectation or deep desire for something to happen. Our hope comes from God. We place our hope and faith in God who can bring life out of death and joy out of despair.


December 5
Second Sunday of Advent – we light the candle of peace
New members joining and communion

Luke 1:68-79

Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of God. Peace is something we strive for knowing that we cannot have true peace until we achieve justice for all created beings and the planet.


December 12
Third Sunday of Advent – we light the candle of joy
Christmas Pageant with Mrs. Anne Bailey

Luke 3:7-18

Joy can also be described as delight and jubilation. Our joy comes from our relationship with God. Joy is different than happiness. It is not conditional, instead it is a constant. Joy endures hardship and trials and connects us with meaning and purpose.


December 19
Fourth Sunday of Advent – we light the candle of love
Choir Christmas music offering

Luke 1:39-45,46-55

How can we fully describe love? How can we fully describe God? Love and God are often synonymous. According to Jesus the greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and love our neighbor as ourselves.


December 24 worship at 5:00pm (online and in-person)
Christmas Eve – we light the Christ candle
Lessons and Carols

On Christmas Eve we celebrate the birth of Christ, and we sing praises to God as we retell the story of Divine love embodied in a little, vulnerable child, born in a manger.