Please join us for a Zoom workshop on Enneagram Stances on May 15 from 10AM-12PM. This workshop will be facilitated again by Jon Singletary, Enneagram instructor and dean of the School of Social Work at Baylor University. All are welcomed, whether you attended our first workshop or not, and whether you know your Enneagram Number or not.

Enneagram Stances are a way of organizing the nine numbers to better understand your unique capacity for feeling, thinking, and doing. We will look at which of these three guide your personality the most and which is most difficult for your personality type. We will offer some specific skills for how to develop the area that may be a struggle for you and talk about what this means in your relationships and in your own journey.

Jon Singletary facilitates, Śānti Matthews hosts. If you would like to receive the Zoom information, contact Santi at