NewsLife & Faith at Transfer Co. Food Hall on first Tuesdays

Last minute change:  The weather looks gorgeous today, with some sun and temps around 80.  Let’s plan to meet in the courtyard behind Transfer Co. Food Hall.  Look for the Life & Faith comma signs.

Life & Faith meets April 4 at Transfer Co. Food Hall.  This gathering of whoever show up is open to anyone.  If you have a dilemma where your faith and life are colliding right now – at work, at home, in the community – bring your question and we’ll start our conversation there.  If not, here is the proposed topic for our wide-ranging conversation:

Proposed question for April 4:  Wherever we find ourselves, decisions are being made which include or exclude people with disabilities (physical, mental health, intellectual).  Planning generically can be exhausting, but I find that when I am imagining a specific person I become energized to make accommodations that will allow that person to participate fully.  Let’s tell stories of acts of inclusion, whether your own or an anonymous person in your life.  Maybe if we have lots of examples, we’ll make more inclusive decisions the next time we are part of a planning team at church, at work or in the community?

What is Life & Faith?

Ever wonder how others navigate the day-to-day of following Jesus?  How does your life intersect with (collide with) your faith?

Life & Faith is a monthly opportunity to have those conversations over a glass of your favorite refreshment.  We bring our questions and our stories, getting ideas from each other.  Jane Smith, the convener, brings a back up question if needed to get us started.

April 4 we’ll gather  Transfer Co. Food Hall.  Because the weather looks gorgeous for that day, we’ll sit at one of the outside tables on the patio behind the food hall; look for the Life & Faith red commas on our table.  Those who want dinner or a beverage should arrive by 6:30 to buy your own.  Conversation runs 7-8PM.  Friends are welcome!

We have two guidelines – What is said at Life & Faith stays there AND we tip generously.

The entrance and parking for Life & FaithSpeaking of inclusion…

Transfer Co. Food Hall has accessible parking at the side entrance and the rear patio entrance.  The main floor is at entry level, and the sunken area where we will be sitting is accessed by a ramp.  A large, well-lit parking area is behind the food hall.  For those on tight budgets, there is a free water station under the stairs in the center of the main floor. For those with dietary restrictions, take a look at the menus for the vendors before you come (here).  The main hall can be noisy, so we have chosen the quietest location available for when we meet indoors.  Please email Jane to discuss accommodations she missed; she is still learning!  If you’d like, she will meet you outside anytime between 6:35 and 6:55 to walk/roll with you to our table; email her before Tuesday at noon to get her cell phone number.