Newswheelbarrow with tools

All hands, all ages, needed to pitch in on the dozens of projects which keep our buildings and grounds a safe and welcoming place. Jobs for every skill and no particular skill. Come when you can and stay as long as you like!

The main project for November will be staining the benches in the courtyard (last done in 2018) as well as the picnic table near the children’s playground. If volunteers are plentiful, we’ll also stain the benches, handrail and cross in the fire pit area as well as the playground equipment.

If you’re not available on the 13th but would like to help with the staining project, please let me know. We’ll need to power wash the wood a day or two before it’s stained to make sure that it’s clean and dry. Other projects, indoor and outdoor, will also be available on the 13th along with Krispy Kreme doughnuts (and healthier treats) to keep us energized.

For more information, contact Property Chair Merrilee Jacobson