Might churches in Wake County form a CSA with local black farmers?

This multi-church project is in early development so there is lots of room for your ideas and energy. Community United Church of Christ is taking a leading role. Our climate crisis work is always justice work.

We are working with the Rural Advancement Foundation International and their Farmers of Color network. The idea is for 10 to 12 churches to commit to buying $100/month of produce.   This would give the farmer a solid $12,000 income per year from the group.  Each church would decide how to use their produce – for a feeding program they already run, distributing it to members, donating to a food pantry.

Farmers of color in the United States continue to endure systemic racism within the food system.  By connecting specific farmers with the cooperating congregations, farmers are able to create an additional source of income and access new local markets while the faith communities gain improved access to fresh, healthy food for their congregants and provide hunger relief for consistently vulnerable populations.

If you would be interested in working on developing this project, or want to purchase food through the CSA, contact us.

cornucopia of fresh vegetables

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