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Do we tell people when we are afraid?  How can your faith community see you through times of fear? 

That’s the proposed topic for our April Life & Faith gathering, April 5, 7PM, on Zoom.

Fear is one of the things that can cause us to stray into behaviors that aren’t helpful or loving.  Those angels who told people “Be not afraid” were onto something, but letting go of fear is easier said than done.  Theoretically, our faith community is ready to journey with us through times of fear, but do we tell them when we’re afraid?  And, if we do, do we know how to articulate what would be helpful?  Likewise, if someone at CUCC were to tell you they were feeling fearful, would we know how to respond?

Join Jane Smith for an hour of conversation as we explore fear in the context of Life & Faith.  The Zoom link will be in the Monday Online events email, or contact Jane at