NewsWe've been thinking about forgiveness...

At CUCC’s November 7 drop in, Life & Faith, we will swap perspectives on questions submitted by Sharon Hope who has been thinking about forgiveness lately.

  • I believe forgiveness is at the heart of our Christian faith. Agree?
  • Is your faith strengthened when you are able to forgive?
  • How does it feel to forgive/be forgiven and reconciliation can occur?
  • If forgiveness of someone who has committed egregious acts feels impossible, are we able to make at least peace within or continue to struggle to forgive?
  • How are we impacted when we are not forgiven, once we have repented and attempted reconciliation?

Look for our table at Transfer Co. Food Hall; find us by looking for the red Life & Faith commas (directions and vendor menus).  Come at 6:30 pm if you want to buy your dinner; conversation runs 7:00-8:00pm.  With temperatures likely to be cool in the evening, we’ll meet inside in the sunken area in the center of the first floor.  There is a ramp to easily access that section.  The parking lot is well lit and runs alongside and behind the building.

What is Life & Faith?

At Life & Faith we share questions, swap ideas, tell stories, and enjoy good company.  This monthly gathering is open to anyone who wants to come with a spirit of honesty and compassion, so bring a friend.  We never know who will show up and there is always room for more.  Our two rules are 1)  tip generously (Christians are notorious for being stingy) and 2)  what is said at Life & Faith stays at Life & Faith.

This photo collage includes information on parking and where we meet. If you have questions, contact Jane Smith for a verbal description.