NewsTwo hands hold rich soil and many worms

Want to try vermicomposting at your home? Here’s an offer from our resident expert, Bill Lamb.

CUCC friends, I have an interesting problem. i I’m managing 3 worm bins: two at my house and the children’s bin at Community UCC. They are all working beautifully, very happy little red wigglers, but I now have more worms than can fit in my containers. I’d be happy to give some away to anyone who wants to get into vermicomposting. Worms really do EAT MY GARBAGE! I’m also available to help anyone on how to set one of these up for themselves.  Let me know if you are interested. Here’s a link to the system I’m using.  There are many more you can find online.

Request your worms by contacting Bill.

-submitted by Justice in a Changing Climate