Volunteers have renovated one more area of the Pilgrim House – the “conference room.” The dark green wallpaper has been covered with a fresh coat of white paint, the old brown folding chairs have been replaced with comfortable padded seats, a beautiful rug sits under the table, and historical information formerly housed in utilitarian metal filing cabinets is now safely tucked away in the reconfigured storage closet. Metal brackets from the sanctuary have been repurposed as mini display shelves, and a new whiteboard is ready for meetings. A donated plant stand (thanks Joan!) and a refreshment cart are tucked into the room. Artwork will be created in the coming weeks from CUCC photos and other memorabilia.

A big thanks goes to our PH 2.0 volunteers – Susan Atkinson, Autumn Cobeland, Maya Cobeland, Susan Hasbrouck, Ken Jacobson and Jane Smith.