NewsLife & Faith, May 2 at Transfer Co Food Hall. Arrive at 6:30 to buy your dinner or libation; conversation runs an hour starting at 7pm

Life & Faith will meet Tuesday, May 2, at Transfer Co. Food Hall (see Logistics below for details)  This is an opportunity for CUCCers and friends to gather to chew over questions that are confusing us as we each discern how to live our faith.  Anyone may bring a question from your life for our conversation.  If you have a friend who might enjoy this free-wheeling and respectful conversation, bring them along!

But, if no one has a question for discussion, Jane Smith prepares one just in case.  The May back-up question comes from Jane’s life:  So what is gender, really?  I’d like to talk about this with people of faith whom I know in my bones affirm / welcome/ appreciate people who identify beyond the boy/girl tradition.  As society roils around questions of transgender youth in sports or what kinds of medical treatment should be legal, I have some fundamental questions.  For instance, is the whole idea of “boy” and “girl” just a social construct that we’d do better without?  Let’s be clear… this conversation is NOT about loving our trans or nonconforming friends differently.  Our friends are loved and created wonderfully by God, it is society that is messed up.


Life & Faith at Transfer Co. Food Hall on first TuesdaysWe will meet at Transfer Co Food Hall. Arrive at 6:30 if you want to buy dinner or a libation from the food court; conversation is from 7-8PM. Look for the Life & Faith red commas on our table.  If the weather is nice, we’ll meet on the patio in the back; if rainy or below 65, we’ll meet in the sunken area off the center of the main floor.  Transfer Co. has its own (free) well-lit parking lot, with accessible parking spaces in the driveway off Davie Street and a lot behind the building.  There are several food stalls open offering a variety of foods, including vegan and vegetarian.  The sunken area can be accessed by a gentle ramp.  If Transfer Co. is a new location for you, email Jane in advance for her phone number and, when you arrive, call her so she can look for you.

Life & Faith has two guidelines:  What is said at Life & Faith stays at Life & Faith.  We tip generously.

Directions to Transfer Co. Food Hall

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