DevotionalNewsA beekeeper tends to a hive

As you requested, here is the version of the creation story that was created by our confirmands.

God wanted us to see how life really is, and wanted us to take care of one another and all forms of life and all of creation.

God created humans as best and as beautiful as God could. God made them children, adults, friends, and family. God created them, all of God’s children – Divine.

God spoke “Be together, and love each other. Love the earth as you love yourself. Care for the fish and the birds, care for the bugs and the bears, and for everything in between, but most of all, be happy.”

Then God decided that the life on earth needed to be sustained. So they said, “Now all of the plants will have seeds so they can spread. Some will have fruit that you can eat. All of the animals, everything that moves and breathes – for you there is lush food”.

That’s what happened. God saw what God made and it was awesome. There was day and night, God finished God’s creation.