Accessible to AllNewsWhat's new with CUCC's "Accessible to All" work?

CUCC’s Accessible to All working group met recently to review our “to do” list and celebrate how CUCC has improved our accessibility over the summer.

Neon green tape draws our attention to the feet of the armed chairsVolume up:  After hearing from some of you, Jeff has increased the volume on the speakers in the rear of the sanctuary.

Readers available:  Our Greeters are prepared to read the order of worship aloud during worship to assist those for whom reading is a challenge.  Request assistance from the Greeter when you arrive.  Thank you to the Greeters for adding this to your Sunday morning tasks.

Courtyard access sign:  A new sign directs people with mobility challenges to use the fellowship hall door near the compost to access the courtyard safely.

Fancy feet:  Colorful tape marks the feet of the armed chairs in the sanctuary.  We noticed they extend a bit into the aisle and could be a tripping hazard.  As Merrilee says, the chairs are ready for the Preakness.

Hearing assistive devices:  We have 4 devices to assist people with hearing during worship.  Three are assigned to people who use them weekly; one is available from the ushers on request.  Thank you to those who donated to the Accessibility Fund toward these purchases.

If you have suggestions for improvements that would make CUCC more accessible for you or your guests, or if you’d like to be part of this work, contact Beth Allison-Moon at  If you would like to donate toward those future improvements which incur an expense, make a donation to CUCC with “accessibility” on the memo line.