NewsEmptying a pot of food scraps into our compost bin in the courtyard

“Wow, that’s compostable?”

  • All food scraps (veggies, fruit, meat, dairy, fish and bones)
  • Pasta, bread, cereal
  • Cooked foods
  • Egg shells
  • Pizza boxes
  • Paper towels, napkins
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Coffee grounds, coffee filters
  • Loose tea, tea bags
  • Flour and sugar bags
  • Baking ingredients, herbs, spices
  • Household plants, including soil
  • Flower arrangements
  • Pet food
  • Items labeled BPI Certified Compostable
  • Items labeled ASTM D6400 or D6868

The bin is right outside of the door between the kitchen and fellowship hall.

If you have questions about what you can compost, see the Compost Now website

And Thank You Again!!

compost now impact report

For more information on CUCC composting initiative, contact Gary Smith.