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Come learn about why bail bond reform benefits us all and corrects injustices, See how to help bring it about in a sensible and positive way by instituting Pretrial Assessment tools. Learn how to help by being prepared to answer questions and advocating. Invite your friends, decision makers and skeptics.


Community United Church of Christ and Umstead Park United Church of Christ are honored to host Dr. Samantha Zottola to discuss her research and conclusions regarding Pretrial Assessment Tools. Her presentation will include:

  • An overview of monetary bail bonding nationally
  • Discussion of the pretrial decision-making processes
  • Review of pretrial assessment instruments
  • Summary of research on pretrial assessment instruments

For more information on CUCC’s involvement in Bail Bond Reform, contact Bill Gretsch.

A practical reform is being developed for North Carolina that not only provides better public safety and lowers costs but implements a more certain and just system of criminal justice. If understood, it could be embraced by both conservatives and progressives and help heal the separation in our society and politics.

The benefits can be huge: swifter justice, protection of society from dangerous people, fairness and equity, more productive citizens, stronger communities, rescued lives, and more safety on our streets – to just name a few.

The use of monetary Bail Bonding for pretrial defendant release is one of the most unjust and racially discriminatory aspects of the criminal justice system. If you can pay the bail assessed, you can be free until your trial. Bail is often set during one to five minute hearings, and as a result, bail decisions are often subjective and influenced by stereotypes or rote shortcuts.. Seventy percent or more of local jail populations are people held in pretrial detention. Most are charged with nonviolent crimes, and most are held because they do not have the funds to pay their bail. This pretrial jail time can last for weeks or months, depriving families and society and families of their positive presence as they are influenced badly while incarcerated.

Alternatively, one very important initial reform is the use of empirically tested “pretrial release assessment instruments (PSI’s)”. This is based on data and experience so is on solid ground, which should reassure skeptics. Implementation would be tailored to local situations so would be embraced by the community. This system can can help provide needed structure, transparency, certainty and accountability to pretrial decisions We are very fortunate to have a recognized expert, whom we are inviting you to hear.