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Housing Task Force conversation, Sunday, May 15 at 11:45am in Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Last year, our church received a letter from a developer expressing interest in purchasing our residential properties, which are held by the CCLIHC. Recently, Council and members of the CCLIHC formed a joint Task Force to discuss how to respond to the letter and various considerations in connection with a potential sale. The Task Force includes the following members: Mike Cline, Frank Gailor, Geri Bowen, Charles Coble, Jason Myers, and Jeff Langenderfer. They have met a total of six times so far and will continue to report their work to both Council and the CCLIHC.

Even though we have not yet received an official purchase offer, we have taken the prudent step to hire a real estate professional, Carter Worthy, to lead the negotiations with the potential buyer and advise the Task Force. She has met with the potential buyer once, and we expect to receive a formal written offer soon. At that point, the CCLIHC and church must decide how to respond to the offer, and the Task Force will continue to be engaged, work with Carter, and make recommendations to the CCLIHC and Council.

Right now, we are in the information gathering stage, and no decision has been made on any potential sale. We wish for the congregation to stay informed about this process so we will have a conversation following worship on Sunday, May 15 in the fellowship hall at 11:45am. Charles Coble will give a short presentation on the Task Force and its work. Church members will provide feedback and ask questions. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

For more information on the Housing Task Force, contact