NewsTami and Susan stand in front of the forest of Council leaders bulletin board

Check out the new bulletin board in the hallway that shows a unique graphic of CUCC’s leadership structure. See what you think. Can you picture our Council as a group of trees with a few rocks among the grove?

This artistic rending hits the right note as an entry point to understanding how we serve alongside each other. Perhaps our connection through strong roots and a canopy of love is also the highest understanding of church work. Tami Mapula and Susan Atkinson invite you to linger in the grove. Then, please ask questions to lead you into further volunteering, learning and connecting with your church family. If you’d like to help with our next bulletin board creation, say so!

Susan and Tami

[The Communications Committee is grateful to Tami Mapula for designing and creating this enchanting forest of leadership love.  Thanks also to Susan Atkinson who helped with content and John Mapula who was seen lending a helping on assembly day.  If you would like to help CUCC communicate within and beyond our walls, contact co-chairs Jane Smith or Amanda Jost]