NewsLook for the red comma at our Life & Faith table

When you have two or more good options for a major life change, how do you discern the Spirit’s voice and decide which to choose?

Whether it is accepting a job offer, deciding on a life-relationship, or even adding your two cents to a major congregational decision, sometimes we are faced with more than one good option and no clear direction.  What factors are your “go tos?” Are there people you consult or spiritual practices that help you navigate your way through the process?  How do you know when you are asking the questions that you need to ask?  How can your church support you during the process?

Let’s swap ideas and tell stories of decisions made at Life & Faith.

IMPORTANT:  Life & Faith will meet at Transfer Co Food Hall on the patio.  If it is raining, we’ll go to the niche to the side of the main floor.  Bring a jacket if the evening looks chilly.  Look for our Life & Faith comma.

Tuesday, October 4, 6:30 PM to buy your own dinner or beverage.  Conversation runs 7-8PM.


Read more about parking and other logistics here

What is Life & Faith?

At Life & Faith we explore what the intersection of the day to day and our faith, telling stories and exchanging ideas.  Anyone is welcome; bring a friend.  Life & Faith is comprised of whoever happens to show up that night.  We have two guidelines:  Whatever is said at Life & Faith stays in that circle of people. We tip generously.  For more information, contact convener Jane Smith