How does one hold a large, highly interactive event when participants are flung all over the globe?  The United Church of Christ has been working hard to pull together a collection of platforms perfect for workshops to worship to an exhibit hall to business meetings.  All we need to do is register and sign in.

According to UCC information, “By registering at, participants will get access to other platforms for specific parts of Synod. These include:

  • Zoom, for most activities requiring two-way audio-visual communication.
  • Vimeo, where prerecorded content — including worship services — will appear in high definition.
  • Frontline Faith, for the 50 workshops to be offered July 7-10.
  • Accelevents, for the virtual exhibit hall.”

Many of the events are free (for instance, worship and the 41 optional events throughout the week), but we do need to register to attend.

Read all about it here and say a prayer of thanks for the hard work of those preparing for us behind the scenes.

If you have questions about General Synod, ask Jane Smith who is following updates closely and plans to attend.