NewsLife & Faith, Monday, June 3. Image is a person with flowers blooming from their head and a Life & Faith comma on their t-shirt

Life & Faith meets Monday, June 3, at Transfer Co. Food Hall (6:30PM to buy you dinner or beverage; 7:00PM the conversation starts).

As is our practice, if anyone has a question to discuss, we will happily dive in.  Where is your faith crashing into your life?  None of us has “the answer” but we all have life experiences to contribute that might give you a new place to find your next step.

If no one has a question, here is the one Jane offers as back up.

June 3 back up question

If you were to meet someone who met Jesus briefly, what would you ask them?  Possibly the woman at the well, or Peter’s mother-in-law, or the man at the pool of Siloam, or one of his prison guards, or the Pharisee with that tax question?  Each person Jesus met probably had a “Life & Faith” moment, right?  Together we’ll imagine possible answers to your question.  Who knows what we will learn about and from each other?

June is a perfect month to exercise our spiritual creativity and not be too serious. Let’s engage our imaginations and curiosity.

What is Life & Faith?

Ever wonder how others navigate the day-to-day of following Jesus?  Where does your life intersect with your faith?

Life & Faith is a monthly opportunity to have those conversations over a glass of your favorite refreshment.  We bring our questions and our stories, receiving ideas from each other.  Jane Smith, the convener, brings a back up question if needed to get us started.

We gather every first Monday at Transfer Co. Food Hall.   When the weather is too hot/cold or wet, we meet inside in the sunken section of the main floor.  If the weather is NC balmy, we’ll sit on the patio. Those who want dinner or a beverage should arrive at 6:30 PM to buy your own.  Conversation runs 7-8 PM.  You’ll find us at the table with our Life & Faith comma.  Friends are welcome!

Transfer Co.’s food hall, sunken area, and patio are accessible; there is accessible parking to the east side of the building.  If your budget is tight, a water fountain is below the staircase near the bathrooms.

We have two guidelines – What is said at Life & Faith stays there AND we tip generously.

If you would like to receive the email reminder with the back up question and confirmation of our location, contact Jane Smith at

About July

Here is your advance notice:  We will not meet July 1.