You are invited to add your preferred pronoun to your Breeze page. This is not only a great way to practice your Breeze skills, but is also a kind gesture of support for each other. Community UCC supports all kinds of people. We strive to offer welcome and a generous level of comfort in all of our interactions. With regard to the ongoing gender conversation, we don’t have all the answers, but acknowledge that everyone deserves to be referred to correctly. We continue to seek creative ways to show our support.

Check out this video (or others on youtube) for more on this topic:

To add your preferred pronoun

Once logged into Breeze, click on People.
Look yourself up!
Once on your profile page, click on “MAIN” (light blue bar)
Under your name a field will appear where you can type in your preferred pronouns
Click dark blue “SAVE” button (also found on the light blue “Main” bar)

Deacons have embraced Breeze as a helpful tool as we continue to emphasize staying connected. We continue to make Breeze, our online church directory and database, more useable and more useful. Your participation is important!

If you have any questions on using Breeze, including how to log in, add your pronoun, add a picture, download the app or anything at all, please reach out to Susan Atkinson.

The expanded Breeze Team includes Mike Schafale, Susan Hasbrouck and Diana Koenning. Look for more updates soon. Thanks everyone!

Susan Atkinson
Breeze Fairy