NewsOur new compostable bags for the fellowship hall compost bin are amply large, hanging over the edge of the bin.

Justice in a Changing Climate has heard your input and has purchased better compostable bags to line the compost bin in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.  The new bags are larger (20 gallon vs the old 13 gallon) and taller (36″ vs the old 32″) so they should stay put in the bin rather than sagging down when full.  Being new, they also won’t crumble as our old ones had begun doing.

Thank you for your continued commitment to composting both at CUCC and by brining your compostables from home.  We know it takes work to remember what to compost and what should go in recycling or the landfill instead.  You are making a difference in CUCC’s carbon footprint!

Compost these items

Recycle these items

If you would like to know more about composting or any other Justice in a Changing Climate project, contact Gary Smith at