Accessible to AllNewsSave the date - July 27 - to join CUCC at the Disability Pride Parade. Part of VBS Weekend: Draw the Circle Wide

Let’s walk and roll together at the Disability Pride Parade.  The parade is one of the intergenerational activities for CUCC’s VBS Weekend:  Draw the Circle Wide.

Saturday evening, July 27

What will happen at the Parade?

The parade will make a circle, starting at the Reality Ministries Center parking lot, going through Main St, and then returning to the Center (about 1/2 mile or a 15 minute leisurely roll/walk). After the parade, visit some of the informational tables, some of which will feature businesses which hire people with disabilities. Purchase a simple dinner; they are planning vegan, vegetarian and omnivore options.  Sensory friendly spaces and bathrooms inside the Reality Center building provide a way to beat the heat. A schedule of amazing speakers will share “what makes them proud to be Disabled”; unfold your chair and relax as you listen.


Do I need to sign up?

RSVP as a part of our VBS “Draw the Circle Wide” weekend.  Click on the sign up form here and check the box that you will attend the July 27 parade.

Is the Parade child-friendly?

Absolutely.  This is a celebratory event so come with your family.  As you can see from pictures from last year’s parade, there were lots of children and the blocked-off parking lot is a safe place.  If you are bringing a wagon or stroller, consider decorating it with streamers.  Last year some of the informational tables gave away stickers, candy, and wands, so there may be goodies for all ages.

Getting there

You may drive separately, arriving at 4PM, but if you want to carpool:

3:00 PM  Arrive at CUCC to offer extra seats in your car or to find someone with whom you can catch a ride.  The carpool arrangements are informal.

3:15 PM Carpool leaves from the Dixie Trail parking lot at CUCC

4:00 PM Our group meets at the starting point at Reality Ministries Center at 916 Lamond Ave, Durham NC (near Brightleaf Square)  Directions  Look for the CUCC banner.  Park at Brightleaf Square; lot 1 is free and lot 2 has a charge.  Parking map

5:00 PM  Parade begins from the parking lot of Reality Ministries Center.  We will walk with the CUCC banner.  The route is about 1/2 mile (15 minutes leisurely roll/walk).

What to bring

If you have one, wear your CUCC t-shirt.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing to beat the evening heat.  Bring a bottle of water and a folding chair to relax while enjoying the speakers.  Costumes, posters celebrating the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and happy noisemakers are welcome!

What is the Disability Pride Parade?

From one of the organizers, Tatum Tricarico:  “For over 30 years, there have been Disability Pride Parades that celebrate who Disabled people are and commemorate the signing of the ADA on July 26th. Each year there are parades and gatherings to honor the community, but the closest one to us is in Charlotte, NC, and so last year [2022] we created one for the Triangle so that we can be part of this piece of the national Disability community.”

This event is part of CUCC’s Vacation Bible School weekend:  “Draw the Circle Wide.”  It is being cosponsored by the Religious Education Ministry (contact Pastor Śānti and by the A2A Working Group (contact Beth Allison-Moon