NewsPalm Sunday Worship at CUCC, March 24 at 10:30 on campus and online

We begin our Holy Week experience with the stories of Jesus’s celebrated entry into Jerusalem and then his arrest by religious leaders.

Together we will enact the crowd’s walk with Jesus into the city; we gather in the courtyard to receive palm fronds and wave them while walking outside around the sanctuary, singing our way through the Memorial Meditation Garden.  Those who find walking on the brick surface a challenge are welcome to go directly into the sanctuary and sing along with those who are online.

The music continues throughout worship.  The Children’s Sunday School Choir has been learning about the difference between singing and chanting; they are excited to share with us the chant “Jesus is riding to Jerusalem.”  The choir will lead us in the hymns for the day and Mike Schafale will be playing his hammered dulcimer.

Pastor Lacey’s sermon focuses on these passages:  Luke 19:28-40 and Luke 22:47-62.

Join us for worship in body and spirit, Sunday, March 24, 10:30 AM on campus and online.