NewsUCC News for General Synod 2023

This summer at General Synod, the people of the United Church of Christ will elect a new General Minister and President.  The nominee is Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia Thompson. If elected, she would be the first woman, and the first woman of African descent, to lead the denomination.  Historic firsts aside, Rev. Dr. Thompson was selected for the depth of her experience and her pastoral gifts.  Read more about why the nominating committee is recommending her here.

General Synod 2023 is June 30-July 4 in Indianapolis.  Watch the CUCC newsletter for ways you can participate in non-business worship and learning opportunities.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of corresponding with Rev. Dr. Thompson (who warmly signed her emails “Karen Georgia” during the preparations for the virtual General Synod in 2021.  Although she was busy as administrator of this first-ever all-virtual event (business meetings, worship, and simultaneous educational workshops) in the midst of a pandemic, she patiently answered my many emails as I queried how CUCC members could participate.  Her grace, clarity and good humor still make me smile.  I am excited that she may become our president and general minister.  Jane Smith