NewsSchematic for the solar array at St. Paul's Christian Church

The Do Justice Ministry invites you to join them at the July 25 dedication of the new solar array at St. Paul’s Christian Church. So often we “just show up” to draw attention to an injustice; this time we gather to thank God for Love being lived out by our friends at St. Paul’s.

St. Paul’s is our sister congregation; we worship together every Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday and share ideas and resources throughout the year. When they began talking about installing a solar array, they consulted with us about how we raised funds for ours, and we’ve been rooting for them throughout their process. They took our idea of giving our excess funds to seed other arrays one step better, building into their fundraising a seed money proposal and raising over $3,600 to assist and encourage other nonprofits to implement energy saving practices including solar.

Scoot on over to St. Paul’s after our worship service. Join Gary, Jane, John, Skip, and other members of Do Justice.
July 25, 12:15PM
St. Paul’s Christian Church
3331 Blue Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC 27612
Events outside and inside (so come heat or rain!)
Bring a mask (St. Paul’s COVID guidelines)

Read more about their solar array here

For more information, contact Jane Smith