The Glimpses of a New Creation book study and conversation about the arts in worship continues March 28 with a focus on mother tongues and adjectival tongues in worship.  Discussion prompts will come from Glenda Chen and Bill Gretsch.  Each conversation stands alone, so if you missed the previous discussions, you can begin this week.

Many words for worship in a colorful array

March 28:   In the Hoffmann Room at CUCC

Hosted by Arts in Worship.

Explore with us the ways the arts and worship interact. They can both  intersect and inform our life and faith, and vice versa. Let’s bring open hearts as we wonder about why we do what we do, and we explore possibilities. What are your questions, stories remembered, insights and ideas?  “Wow” moments are not required in the group but may occur as delight cannot be ruled out as one reaction to this reading.

The reference book for the Lenten series of salons is Glimpses of the New Creation:  Worship and the Formative Power of the Arts  by David O. Taylor.  Members of CUCC’s Arts in Worship Committee have divided up the book to support the four weeks of discussion.

Should you wish to purchase the book, it can be bought on and, but is presently not available at Quail Ridge Books. Reviews are excellent, using words such as “much needed,” “thoughtful,” “dynamic”, “provides a framework,”and “blows back the boundaries.”

For more information, contact Bill Gretsch email: