Full to the Brim: An expansive lent

[Anne Bailey Zschau, Director of Children’s Education, is sending a surprise to CUCC’s families with elementary school aged children.  She said I could let the older folks know in case any of you would like to find a copy and read along. The book is a companion to the puppet making day celebrating Mr. Rogers’ birthday with NC L’Arche.  Jane]




Dear Friends,

I am excited to share Mr. Rogers’ book A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood with you and your family. You probably remember Mr. Rogers and the puppets he used on his television program. Over the years Mr. Rogers has been a wonderful example of how to treat other people. He has helped people explore ways to express their feelings as well as develop self esteem. Mr. Rogers has been a shining example of how kindness helps us all.
Families are invited to read the book and find a way to express one part of Mr. Rogers’ messages that has sparked your imagination. As we all come out of the pandemic, it seems that starting at the beginning of how to express our own feelings, listen to others, take time to get to know ourselves and our friends again will all be very valuable for kids and adults alike.

On March 26 we will celebrate Mr. Rogers’ birthday at church with puppet making and we hope you will be there. When we gather for the birthday party we can share our favorite messages from Mr. Rogers. Any way you wish to share will work. Some people have mentioned sharing with a video or a song or a story or art. Maybe the puppets your family creates will do the sharing! More details about this event will be coming.

Please enjoy the book!
Mrs. Anne Bailey