NewsDrawings trace the nature mural on the St. Paul's Christian cistern

Our friends at St. Paul’s Christian Church have invited us to help them paint the giant solar-powered rain cistern in their new rain garden.

The cistern, solar array, and one of the rain gardens at St. Paul's Christian ChurchSaturday, October 8 from 9am – 12pm

A local artist finished the sketch this weekend, so our painters will complete the project with a “paint by numbers” approach. Folks can RSVP to join the painting fun via the Facebook event, which also features pictures of the sketches.

RSVP here

Read more about their rain garden and solar-powered (!) water cistern project here.

They used a city grant to develop two rain gardens and a 1100-gallon, solar-powered water cistern; all three will control a stormwater run off problem which limited access to one of their buildings and sent heavy rains with sediment into Crabtree Creek.  Water can be used to nourish their huge vegetable garden.

Our friends also invited us to attend the blessing and celebration of the project on Sunday, October 9, from 12:30-1:45.  Unfortunately, this coincides with our first housing task force informational session.  That’s all the more reason to help on Saturday with the painting and to see their newest Green Team project.

CUCC and the Justice in a Changing Climate task force thank God for the work of our friends at St. Paul’s as they care for God’s creation with dedication and joy.

If you would like to be part of CUCC’s climate justice work, contact Gary Smith  We have many small projects that would welcome your skills, and we are always open to new ideas!