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The original idea behind Life & Faith was to explore together those sticky places where what we believe collides with actual life situations – at home, at the office, with friends and family. These are conversations that are intended to be practical and specific, not (primarily) theoretical and theological or about what other people should do or think.

So here is my proposed topic for the group: Tell us about a typical weekday for you. What are your routines? Whom do you see or talk with? Which times are busy and which drag? What is the highlight of your day or the practice that refreshes you? In what part of a typical day are you growing spiritually or living your faith most fully these days? Is there a sticky part of your day that – with some attention and support – might better overflow with Love (toward yourself, toward others, toward God)?

Life & Faith

July 6, 7PM (We meet first Tuesdays.)

We’re still on Zoom.  Check the Saturday Zoom email or contact me for the Zoom Meeting information.

Jane Smith, convener