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We’re moving toward the celebration of Pentecost (May 23), the day Spirit  – shazam – drove the disciples into the streets to become the church.  Which is to say, forced the issue so that the huddled-in-a-room, scared-and-confused disciples began to figure out together(!) how to be love in action in the ways Jesus showed them.

Paul writes in several letters that the presence of Spirit within and among the Church yields fruit.  His list depends on his audience, but you can find some of the ones he has noticed here .  (If you read the rest of the info, bring discernment). Looking at what is happening in the world today, I quite like teaching, wish I embodied more mercy, and am not particularly thrilled by martyrdom.

Take a look at Paul’s lists.  Any fruits you want to add?  What fruits have you noticed Spirit bearing through you when you are out and about in the world (at work, with family, volunteering, being a neighbor)?  What if we interpret this to mean that the community bears the fruit – not (only?) individuals? What does/would that look like?  Let’s carry the metaphor farther:  Who eats the fruit?  And how does the fruit benefit the eaters?

Life & Faith, May 4, 7PM on Zoom

Merrilee Jacobson is back up host for Jane who may be languishing with shot #2.   The Zoom link will be in the Saturday Zoom email, or contact  Normally, Life & Faith is convened by Jane Smith

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