NewsGod and suffering is the topic of Life & Faith on March 18
To avoid Primary Elections week, we are moving our March meeting to Monday, March 18.

March topic

One of our group has proposed our March question.  Mull it over this month and we’ll come together on March 18 to discuss it.
“If we have an all powerful God, why do they allow such suffering? Personal suffering, suffering of entire civilizations of people, childhood cancers….”
We are back at Transfer Co. Food Hall.  Come by 6:30 if you want to order food; conversation begins at 7:00.  (more details below)

What is Life & Faith?

Join us for conversation about the intersection of the day-to-day with our faith.  Anyone can bring a question for the group to mull over, but if no one does, Jane Smith provides a back up question.  Life & Faith is open to anyone who wants to come; drop in when you can, bring a friend.  We usually meet on first Mondays.  We have two rules at Life & Faith – Rule #1:  Whatever is said at Life & Faith, stays among those who attended that evening.

Where we meet

We meet at Transfer Co. Food Hall; parking is plentiful and well-lit.  March 4 looks to be chilly so we will meet on the ground floor in a sunken area in the center of the food hall.  There is an accessibility ramp that goes into the sunken area.  Look for the red Life & Faith comma to find our table.

About food and beverage

Arrive by 6:30PM if you want to buy food or beverage before our 7PM start.  We are done promptly at 8PM.  There is a free water dispenser under the stairs.  If you do buy food or beverage, please tip generously; we hope to transform the impression that Christians are stingy tippers (Rule #2)!

If you are planning to come and are a little nervous about finding our group, email Jane Smith before Sunday for her cell number and you can call her when you get there.