During the season of Easter, the Sunday Morning Bible Study will be reflecting on podcasts from Krista Tippett’s On Being.  Discussion with the Bible in one hand and a secular source in the other is typical of this group of friendly question-askers.  Drop into any of the weeks to get to know them and be part of the conversation.

For more information, contact Bill Lamb.  The Zoom link is in the Saturday Zoom email; contact the church if you would like to receive the email.

April 25  Serene Jones — Grace in a Fractured World | The On Being Project

May 2  Bryan Doerries — “You are not alone across time.” | The On Being Project

May 9  Richard Rohr — Growing Up Men | The On Being Project

May 16  Rev. Otis Moss III — The Sound of the Genuine: Traversing 2020 with ‘the Mystic of the Movement’ Howard Thurman | The On Being Project

May 23  Bryan Stevenson — Love is the Motive | The On Being Project