Accessible to AllNews"Accessible to All" means Educating Us All: Lever faucet handles

A big thank you to David Ledbetter who installed new faucets lever handles for the sinks in the VFH restrooms!  While he was at it, he also updated our shut-off valves.  All of CUCC’s bathroom faucets now have lever handles!

TShiny chrome faucet with lever handles in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall bathroomshe lever design helps all of us; you can use them with your wrist if you hands are sticky or if you are being extra germ-safe.  Lever handles are also helpful for people with limits to their finger or hand dexterity or strength.

If you would like to be part of CUCC’s Accessible to All (A2A) work, we welcome your ideas and energy.  We are soon refocusing on our energy on the education phase of our work, so if you like learning and sharing information, this phase is for you!  Contact Beth Allison-Moon to find out what is going on next.