NewsLooking back with gratitude for the ways we were able to serve the community

Throughout 2022 CUCC’s leadership team and ministry chairs continued to reach out to the congregation and the wider community. For the next five weeks, we’ll offer an overview of the many ways our staff and ministry teams led us in ministry. If you find a ministry opportunity that interests you, please contact the chairperson to learn more about how you can get involved.

Week 2:  Doing justice

Community Outreach Ministry report

Contact 2023 chair Charles Coble at

Do Justice Ministry report

Contact 2023 chair Roger Manus at

Justice in a Changing Climate report

Contact 2023 chair Gary Smith at

Community Church Low Income Housing Board report

Contact Betsy Towler, Board President.

The series “Looking back with gratitude 2022” is being collected here.

Our skit showing our gas appliances being exchanged for electric