NewsRemembering the blessing of the animals, we look back with gratitude

Throughout 2022 CUCC’s leadership team and ministry chairs continued to reach out to the congregation and the wider community. For five weeks, we’ll offer an overview of the many ways our staff and ministry teams led us in ministry. If you find a ministry opportunity that interests you, please contact the chairperson to learn more about how you can get involved.

Week 3:  Caring for one another & worship

Deacons Ministry report

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Arts in Worship Committee report

Contact 2023 co-chairs Marty Lamb or Bill Gretsch at

Caring Committee report

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Sacraments and Chancel Committee report

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Ushers Committee report

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The series “Looking back with gratitude 2022” is being collected here.

A row of 2-3 foot prayer sticks wrapped in yarn and shiny material provides texture to our collection.