NewsAdd the task you will do to a valentine this Sunday after worship.

A mom and children wave hello

We fill out a Time and Talent survey at the end of each year and look for opportunities in the new year to volunteer. Ministry chairs call on us based on our answers to the survey, but don’t be coy! You can also reach out with your interest any time. You’ll find info February 13 and 20 in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall regarding who to contact and what needs are outstanding. We are seeking extra volunteers to create a “deep bench” for back up as the pandemic will continue to be with us in some form this year.

A cross covered in Palm leaves stands in front of a bright pink azalea in the CUCC courtyard

Whether you are a new-timer or a long-timer, your volunteerism along the way is what makes the year really functional and fun! Whether you recall the exact boxes you checked to indicate interest or not, completed the time and talent survey or not and returned it to Merrilee (our resident cat-herder in so many ways!), we are interested in meeting your interests at CUCC.

We’re talking about some good works here, not committee meetings, y’all! Like to get to church 20 minutes early to say hello to people? Sign up to be a greeter!

Three folks weed the children's garden with the help of an advisor.

Want to drop by on a quiet Saturday to arrange flowers for the chancel table? Get on the list with Sacraments and Chancel!

Find weed pulling therapeutic? Let Property know!

Like to decorate a drop box for food donations or a bulletin board in the hallway? We need you!

Decorate a box for our collections.There are a wide array of jobs we can do alone, in pairs or groups, with a little training or just as a quick errand. This can include doing a task from home, so speak up if these ideas are speaking to you!

As we turn our thoughts to when and how to be together in coming weeks, be sure to reach out. Email a ministry chair, come to fellowship, look for more info in next week’s eNews and thanks for being the church