NewsMake your sign for the Assembly and March after worship during fellowship on February 25

The Do Justice Ministry invites you to join them after worship on February 25 to make your own sign.  Experienced assembly-goers recommend an 8.5″ x 11″ sign that you can hang around your neck so you don’t have to hold it the whole time.  To be on the safe side, no sticks.  We hope to have a large CUCC banner for the marchers to carry and the sitters to hold, but carrying your own sign tells why you are there personally.  Besides, don’t you love looking at the signs other people make?

What should I put on my sign?  Please consider messages of commitment, of hope, of solidarity with poor people and low wage workers (which some of us at CUCC are). The Poor People’s Campaign is nonpartisan; please avoid messages that poke at specific politicians or parties. You are welcome to connect the issue closest to your heart with voting – ex. “I vote for climate justice” or “My body, my vote” or “I am voting for affordable health care for all” or “I vote for education for all because I follow Jesus.” Be funny, not mean, please.

I won’t be at worship on February 25.  Can I make a sign at home?  Absolutely!  If your child is coming by wagon or you use a mobility scooter, you can decorate that, too.

Can I wear my new CUCC t-shirt?  Please do.  March 2 may still be chilly, but whether or not we can see it, your CUCC t-shirt connects you to your faith and your friends (especially if you join others for lunch afterward).

Join us!

How to walk or sit with the CUCC group on March 2


Read more about the goals of the Assembly here.

If you have questions about CUCC’s plan, contact Jane Smith at before March 2 or call her on the day.