NewsWorld Communion Sunday - Oct 6

Sunday, October 6 is World Communion Sunday. A number of years ago the communion table was “decorated” for the event with a variety of beautiful breads. As a choir member, I remember smelling that bread beside me and enjoying the concept of “bread of the world”.

I have asked the Sacraments and Chancel committee if they would support a similar idea for the next World Communion Sunday. I’ve been entertaining several ideas that would engage people from the congregation and would illustrate the universality of God’s Love. And it is another way of demonstrating that we are all one.

We have members and visitors at CUCC whose family either immigrated to the U.S. from other countries or who have close generational ties with family or friends who did. What if we asked people in the congregation to volunteer to make a sample of bread representing their family’s country of origin? And what if we further asked those folks to bring a second loaf/sample to share in the fellowship hall after the October service?

If you would like to participate in this plan, please let me know by emailing your name, contact information, and the country you would like to represent by bringing bread. We will display the breads with information designating the origin of the recipe. Thank you for considering this. I think it will be a very special World Communion Sunday!

Joan McAllister