NewsAlex rolls our bin full to the brim with compost to the truck

I was fortunate enough to be on the church campus the Wednesday of Holy Week to meet Alex. He picks up and weighs our compostable material and gives us a clean fresh empty can every week as part of our Compost Now contract. Alex is a very friendly guy; we chatted some, and I took his picture. I asked him if he liked working for Compost Now, and he told me that he did indeed. If you’re ever around church on a Wednesday, and you see Alex, say Hi to him and thank him for the important work he is doing for us!

Did you know they take the entire bin, replacing it with a clean one so we start fresh each week?  We had wondered how they collect so many bins in a truck, keeping the clean ones that they drop off separate from the full ones they pick up from families and businesses.  Take a peek inside the truck.  Alex told us one side has full bins and the other the clean ones.  Can you see that the bins are stacked two high?

Alex gives us a peek inside the truck so we can see his system for keeping clean and filled compost bins separate.A big thank you to Alex and all the folks at Compost Now for helping us lower our carbon footprint while we make rich compost for local farms!

Bring your compostables to CUCC.  You can drop them off in the Compost Now rolling bin which is outside the kitchen in the courtyard at any time during the week.  See a list of compostable items here.  FAQs about commercial composting with Compost Now here

If you would like to help with CUCC’s composting project, contact Gary Smith at