Accessible to AllNews"Accessible to All" means Educating Us All: Transport chair

Okay, seriously.  Ours seem to be leaving the narthex.

Did you know that CUCC has mobility devices available for short term use by CUCCers?  Keep us in mind if a relative is coming for a visit, or if you have an injury or surgery that creates a short-term need.

What mobility devices does CUCC have and what use is best for each?

  • a transport chair – a lighter version of a wheelchair, useful for taking in and out of cars or for maneuvering in narrow spaces; transport chairs must be pushed because the wheels are too far back to allow the person using the chair to roll themselves
  • a rollator – a rollator has four wheels and a seat; it is most useful for someone who needs assistance with balance and is not intended to support the person’s weight while walking
  • a foldable, standard walker – standard walkers have no wheels and are useful for stability and support; because the person has to lift the walker with each step, they are best for short distances

If you would like to reserve one of CUCC’s mobility devices, contact the office at  CUCCers may borrow the devices for free.

Thank you to Joan McAllister for donating CUCC’s new transport chair and to the anonymous donors who provided the rollator and walker several years ago.

A rollator, walker and transport chair are available for CUCC members to borrow on short term loan.

If you are interested in assisting Community United Church of Christ in becoming “Accessible to All” you may contribute in several ways:

  1. Give your time or talent to the A2A team.
    a) As a full team member to help assess the environment
    b) Help us become more aware of how we welcome ALL to our environment
    c) Become a project team member to assist with an area of specialty that we may need to make physical changes
  2. Contribute financially by labeling your gift “Accessible”. CUCC has an Accessibility Reserve Fund which is being used for accessibility improvements to our building.

Beth Allison-Moon is serving as the contact person for our A2A team.  You can reach her at

This post is part of an occasional educational series as we become accessible to all.  You can find all of the posts here, or look for articles featuring the Disability Pride flag.